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Nauru - General government gross debt as a share of GDP

in 2016

Government gross debt as a share of GDP of Nauru fell gradually from 234 % in 2010 to 65 % in 2016.

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Gross debt consists of all liabilities that require payment or payments of interest and/or principal by the debtor to the creditor at a date or dates in the future. This includes debt liabilities in the form of SDRs, currency and deposits, debt securities, loans, insurance, pensions and standardized guarantee schemes, and other accounts payable. Thus, all liabilities in the GFSM 2001 system are debt, except for equity and investment fund shares and financial derivatives and employee stock options. Debt can be valued at current market, nominal, or face values (GFSM 2001, paragraph 7.110).

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Date Value Change, %
2016 65.0 -16.42 %
2015 77.7 -1.58 %
2014 79.0 -28.46 %
2013 110.4 -7.72 %
2012 119.6 -29.77 %
2011 170.3 -27.20 %
2010 234.0 -4.69 %
2009 245.5