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Pan American Health Organization

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    • October 2016
      Source: Pan American Health Organization
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 05 October, 2016
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      Haiti. New total cholera cases are reported by the MSPP as well as new cholera cases by department; other new cholera cases by department are calculated based on the difference between the latest report of the MSPP epidemiological bulletin and the previous EW. Department figures may differ from the country total. Retrospective adjustments may be included in the data. From EW 42 (Oct 17-23, 2010) to EW46, 2010 (Nov 14-20, 2010), cases were reported only at hospital level. There are provisional data or no report from some Haiti departments for some epidemiological weeks (when unusual numbers of suspected cholera cases are reported. Previous EW figures are used to smooth those data).Dominican Republic. New cholera cases correspond to the total reported by province in the Dominican Republic MSP weekly epidemiological bulletin. Notes: Since EW 9 2014 the total number of cases is reported and occasionally its distribution by province. From EW 25 2011, the MSP cholera case definition also includes suspected cholera cases and deaths in addition to confirmed cases and deaths.
    • April 2017
      Source: Pan American Health Organization
      Uploaded by: Knoema
      Accessed On: 14 April, 2017
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      1. Incidence rate (autochthonous suspected + autochthonous confirmed) / 100,000 population.2. Deaths among Zika cases do not include deaths related to Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) or congenital malformations associated with Zika virus infection. As of 12 May 2016, previously reported deaths related to GBS were removed from this total.3. Confirmed congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus infection case definition: Live newborn who meets the criteria for a suspected case of congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus AND Zika virus infection was detected in specimens of the newborn, regardless of detection of other pathogens